Hey ho!

I am loaded, with a presentation to get done tomorrow, but somehow I still want to jot down few unimportant things on what I’ve been doing these days. 😀

I attended a convention yesterday, Consumer Convention (Konvensyen Pengguna). I missed the first day, but I came on the second day, which was filled with presentations and a forum as the closing event. The presentation was informative (but like the other convention I attended before, the proposal was not so government friendly, it was not possible, but it’s difficult – borrow PoP’s statement), so I rested my case on those presentations.

What attracted me more was the way the moderator did her thing during the forum session. I fell in deep preference towards her performance, I wish I could be her, one day! She inspired me so much. I was busy jotting down her qualities when a participant sat next to me mumbled “kau tulis apa dik? bersungguh benar?”

I just smiled and showed her what I took note on, it was 9 qualities on being a good moderator! instead of taking notes on what important issues, yeah, there I was, writing down the criteria! OMG! She smiled, with a disbelief face. Apalah budak ni! Haha. I thought I observed the madame quite good. So here’s the criteria;

  1. well knowledge in that area;
  2. good listener;
  3. good command in English or any language you are in;
  4. berbudi bahasa, not provoking;
  5. good reviewer;
  6. know the panels and their job/issues background;
  7. good contact with the panels and audiences;
  8. take note on prime point and digest it as the panels talk; and
  9. know how to encourage the panels, (in case they got stuck or blank~which is rare)

One thing, right now I am preparing an overview on Logistics Industry in Malaysia, that’s why I said I have lots to study! I am reading the 300++ pages of things on the logistics development to come out with the simplest presentation! Wish me lucks!

Till then, have a nice day you guys!

3 thoughts on “Muse.

  1. ida pon penah wat gitu. pasal kita tau skills yg baik harus dicontohi :p

    anyway yr assignment tough tu!!

    all the best Chah!

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