I met mine!

No, not in that way.

I just want to say that I really love this sitcom; How I Met Your Mother.

lily, marshall, ted, robin and barney

I think it is aired every weeknights! Best kan! Some of the reviews said that it was a love story, in reverse.

I know many had watched this, right?

It was narrated by Ted, who [is] telling his kids on how he met their mother. HIHI.

It’s a story about love, life, and most importantly on how their friendship had last, and how they deal with everyday life crisis.

Barney plays quite a big influence, eh, no, they are living based on symbiosis thingy, win some lose some,  I might say. They will be there for each other.

Tonight it was a story of lemon rules (dating game, by Barney) and the fight over the apartment (Ted and Marshall) and what a cute name for the coffee maker, Shocky, simply because it’s so loud it wakes everybody up.

Do you know, Barney practically writes a journal! It”s called Uncle Barney’s blog! Barney is cool, always a confident player. He is meant to be loved, despite all the ridiculous theories he made. 😛

Lily and Marshall are simply lovely together.  Tonight, Lily was shocked to learn that her apartment had turn into a Chinese eatery, (she’s been staying at Marshall’s for 3 months!) and she found out that all of her things (cutlery, dresser, glasses) had been used by the restaurant. They went for a dinner there and found out that the memorial cassette Marshall presented to Lily for their 1998 ‘s valentine had been played, complete with the tag line by Marshall saying something like, “1998’s valentine”. So sweet!

Ted and Robin would have made a cute couple, too, no? Things always work in so many ways, not quite what we hope them to be. Right?

What’s your favourite? I love Scrubs as well.



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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

15 thoughts on “I met mine!”

  1. I have a friend who I once knew loves to quote Barney’s. though i’ve never watched it before, now that you mention it, teringat pulak & macam best la pulak ek cite ni.hehe.

    sorry tak menjawab soalan.hehe.:P

    1. pieja, ya… buleh lepas tension satu hari…

      irises, hehe. barney kadang2 jahat, kesian ted selalu jadi mangsa teori2 dia tu. tapi in the end, semuanya pun macam jadi berbaloi.

      buzzy, saya pun, kalau sempat dapatla tengok. kalau ngantuk, tak dapat layan gak…

  2. ida suka citer HiMYM ni. sangat! obsessed even, 🙂

    Ted and Robin sweet sangat. Barney plak selalu bikin lawak tah pape je. tapi blog dia mcm tak reader friendly. tak menarik.

  3. aku follow cerita ni..tapi skang ni kat astro tayang replay je. aku tengah tunggu next season punye.

    despite acting as a player, neil patrick tu actually gay..hahaha

    1. ida, best kan cerita ni? takde lawak bodoh. kalau ada satu cerita tu, hope and faith rasanya, tak larat nak tengok sebab bongok giler… satu lagi i suka, my wife and kids! hahaha

      fadh, itulah astro tayang yang lama. apa2 pun dah 4 kali aku tengok episod barney ajak ted mengurat orang kat airport… bodoh giler! hahaha

      buzzy, ya, i’ve met my favourite tv show… hehehe

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