So, 5 days!

It’s the new (not literally new) house! It’s been a good 5 days so far. 🙂

I have no problem living here, except for one thing, the parking spaces.

  • People love to park as near to their home as they could. You, it’s a flat, there are a lot of parking spaces available at six pm, but still they love to park along the road, pavement etc. (!!!)
  • E.g yesterday I have to reverse in order to give way to the out-coming cars… Because the two ways had turned into a one way because there were cars all along… at 7pm!!!
  • But, when I went to park my car at the provided legal parking spaces, there were still a lot of available ones! Please…
  • But anyway, I still want to thank them though, because of their parking-at-the-roadside behavior, the parking space is available for me! 😀

Hmm… That’s all. It’s been good. No massive traffic jam! I like (100 times)!!!

4 thoughts on “So, 5 days!

  1. jgn jd cam kat setengah (lebih dr setengah kot) dh..penghuni (inmate?) yg letak kon/kerusi/meja/pancang/lancang kuning kat parking spot..kekonon parking spot tu dia punya

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