Of Things

I had the opportunity to attend a conference dedicated especially to ladies. It was organized by the Ministry, (of Women, Family and Community Development) and co-organized by the numerous society related to ladies, working or not.

the conference

The most attractive name is called The Gorgeous Geeks, which is the club (more or less) for the IT involving ladies. The president, Ms. Alecia is of course gorgeous and smart. She handled the last panel discussion very well. 😀 I enhjoyed the last session very much. The panel for that session included the HR Manager (or Director) of some well known companies (MLC) which practiced the flexible working hours and supported the culture of working from home.

I loved the discussion and the speaker I loved the most is Puan Nadiah from Microsoft.

After that I spent my evening strolling around the Times Square. Spent few RM there. Felt like a long time since I last spent time for myself. Oh. I should had watch some movie last night. No?

I managed to get lost driving from MITI to the hotel which is in Jalan Pudu, but somehow I managed to find the way anyway. I like that feeling of finding new places.

Like the ad, the Dunhill or what, I can’t recall, the voice over said something like this;

one thing with being lost is the thing we’ll discover along the way

I’ll correct it once I watch the ad and get the right quote. HEHE.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

11 thoughts on “Of Things”

  1. oh Chah, i like that Quip. betul kan? once we just go with the flow, we managed to let go the resentment of being lost etc.

    love being lost sometimes. aND don’t want to be found 🙂

  2. aku mmg setuju keje fleksibel hours ni. dulu kat opis lama…lama sebelum aku join gomen ni, aku suggest kat bos aku supaya aku bole keje kat rumah since keje aku hanya libatkan design, calculations dgn jmp clients. bos aku x bg respon….

    so aku harapkan gomen ni…sejak geng2 juruteknik jkr/kkr ni dah bole keje kat rumah…aku pun ingat bole dipanjangkan ke skim P&P kot….hehehehehe 🙂

    1. fadh: keje lama kau tu, kau mmg takleh duk umah.. sebab duk opis pun asyik chat dan tulis blog je.


    2. aku tak leh bayang kan kalu aku kena kerja di rumah.. 😦

      tapi mungkin sebab takde komitmen lain lagi.. setakat jaga diri sendiri tu bolehla nak gerak to and fro opis to home..

      tapi with the fuel rise i think we better off start to think of the way on how this could be practiced in our service..

    1. shahnaz… aku pergi lewat ke conference tu… sebab attend dialog miti…
      aku sempat 4 session je, start from 12 pm….
      i) pasal working from home/flexible hours… benefits and how to make it work
      ii) pasal yang lebih kurang sama, tapi more on what had been practiced in UK;
      iii) korean speaker, the same thing more on less, but from the Korean way; and the last one
      iv) panel session on what had been done in Malaysia, speakers are from IBM, Microsoft, and few others yang I tak berapa ingat…

      second day i tak dapat pergi sebab ada meeting di putrajaya

    1. ya, fadh yg dulu lagi selalu ada dlm semua blog org lain. di mana aku lompat, di situ asyik ada nama fadh!!

  3. mcm ayah aku ckp, kalau tak sesat, mcmana nak belajar..
    tp aku tak suka sesat, sbb konfem akan terjadi perkara2 yg tak best. my sense of direction is sgt sgt sgt teruk sbb tu aku tak suka kuar sorg gi tmpt baru… menyedihkan..

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