Faiz’s Convo and Bi’s homework

Faiz is the 4th in my family. He had just received his diploma in Agriculture, wish him luck in finding job. πŸ˜›

Anyway, I was so taken by the words said by Best Student. He was given a chance to say few words, to represent the other graduates.

the 9th Convocation

Among his words are, (more or less-there’s no Press Kit for his speech πŸ˜› )

Terima kasih kepada RISDA kerana memberi peluang kepada kami, anak-anak luar bandar peluang untuk melanjutkan pelajaran. Nak ke IPTS lain, kami tak mampu, nak ke IPTA mungkin kami tak layak. Kalau tidak berpeluang di Kolej RISDA, mungkin ada antara kami yang masih merempit di jalan raya, melepak di pasar raya.

Maybe we (I) didn’t really feel it, but most of his words represent the feeling of most of the graduates and their families. There are so many ungrateful teenagers (feels old saying teenagers to refer others) that take the chances to study for granted.

Well, I can’t help but pray that my brothers and sisters will always seize any opportunities that fall in their life. My sister once had let go the chance for KPLI because she’s so into PLKN. She ended up not talking to mum (or mum not talking to her) for quite a long time. HUH. I guess she’s big enough to make her own decision but mother (seems to) always know what best for her children. Sometimes, though.

By the way, I had spent quite some time with my youngest brother, Bi (short of Baby) working on his homework. It was such a stress thing to learn that at the age of 10 he is not that literate with sifir.Β  I wonder if his Maths teacher doesn’t do much to have his/her students do well with sifir. Then, I guess there were those who sifir illiterateΒ  during my time.as well.Β  Hmm. I have to do something to overcome this problem. I wish I could spend more time with him working on his education thing.

There are so many obstacles at home, I mean in developing my brothers learning process. My parents are not as firm as before, when I got scolded for not doing homework, got pinched when watching tv too much, for eating maggie. Mum even included maggie in her monthly groceries list now. πŸ˜› Father had subscribed to Astro beyond for living room. HUHU. Almost every channels are there (excluding Star and Movie Package).Β  The elder brothers and sisters (including me) over-spoil them (the two little brother, Bi and E).

Hmmm. I’m talking about my family now.

Better stop.

p.s : I had fun time at home. Thanks for all warm wishes.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

6 thoughts on “Faiz’s Convo and Bi’s homework”

  1. congrates tu your brother..

    ermm.. sebenarnya.. cikgu pun dah tak boleh garang-garang di sekolah.. kita pulak yang rasa bersalah selepas tergarang dengan murid..


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