Marry to ourselves?

I watched the SATC old series last night. HBO airs them back to back nowadays. I always love the show I guess. Moreover I wasn’t that sleepy after reaching home from Ampang at 11.30pm.

Carrie and her gay friend were at another friend’s (let’s called her M) house when her Manolo was stolen. You know, a pair of Manolo (at that time) costs almost 500USD, that’s almost RM2000. For a pair of sandal. (Carrie : No, it’s not a sandal, it’s Manolo!) Yeah. By the way, Carrie’s Manolo was 485USD.

Carrie’s shoes last night, more or less

So she talked to the other girls/ladies (Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte) about that and they told her that she should go back and ask for compensation from M, because M was the one who insisted on taking off the shoes when entering her home.

Carrie went to M’s only to be shamed by her.  M told her that Carrie’s not living the real life, no kids, and bought ridiculous and pricey shoes. When she, at her single days used to live like that.

Carrie was shocked and decided to make her pay for her insult and her taking shoes off policy.  She registered the Manolo for her wedding gift. I cheer that idea. It was brilliant. Not the part that Carrie was practically marrying herself but the idea of registering the shoes for her wedding gift.

She called M and left message (more or less);

I’ll be getting married to myself and please find the present registered at …….

Why did Carrie act to that extend? It was after the talk with the girls that she realized she had paid for the same amount to M, i. for the wedding gift and ii. for her children gift.

I don’t know what was the moral of the story, but I like it. I can’t remember Carrie’s voice over the moral of the episode last night. But it was marvelous.

By the way,

This afternoon my unit was assigned to do such task that required us to get feedback by 1.30 pm, but you know what, until now, 4.35pm, we still couldn’t get that things done and the idea/input is still flowing by emails, to and fro the resources, us, and the boss.

I could sense that boss is a bit mad. We still had more things to do but I get tense easily despite of fasting. I guess there’s a devil in me that left free even in this holy fasting month.

I hope boss will be okay and just fine. We still have one big meeting tomorrow.

Wish us luck. 🙂

p.s : *Update : Boss likes my presentation for tomorrow! He only amended a few info. I like! Yippee!

2 thoughts on “Marry to ourselves?

    1. sabar dah! btw, urusan kwsp dah selesai, meeting pun dah selesai, boleh dikatakan semua yang aku tulis dalam ni dah selesai lah, alhamdulillah!

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