I was waiting for my turn at the post office.

When it’s my turn, I was told that the counter (No.2) doesn’t operate online service with RTD. I have to wait for counter number 4, after a handsome man in blue baju Melayu. (MBBM).

There’s a man in pink (MIP) went to the counter No.2, apparently he wanted the same service like both of us, me and MBBM.  He was told the same thing, his turn was after MBBM and me.

When the No.4 was clear he (MIP) rushed to the counter. The lady at No.2 shouted like “Bang, abang lepas akak tudung pink tu!” (me, tudung pink).  He replied “Oh ye? Takpelah, I tunggu sini” And then he was there, standing next to MBBM. He demonstrated two things : muka tembok and tak gentleman! (tak gentleman because he was there with I believe-his girlfriend, because they were sitting behind me).

When MBBM finished his thing, I rushed to No.4. I saw the clerk there had taken his money and processing his thing. He looked at me and said, “kejap eh kak..”

I gave him a look and said “EH, SAYA PUN MASUK PUKUL 2 JUGAK!” He’s still wearing his muka tembok and just stood there.

That was the only thing I could do as the clerk had processed his thing anyway. I was kind of mad, to the MIP and the clerk. I mean how could she let thing like this just pass like that. It’s unethical. I was waiting for almost an hour to do that thing and he just came and took my turn. WTH!

I went outside to find Hani and Cekmek waiting for me. I told them the incident.

“Hi… rasa nak lempang je! Nasib baik aku puasa!” I told them.

Cekmek replied, “Kenapa tak panggil aku? Biar aku lempang. Aku tak puasa”.

We just laughed at her joke.


So, I went back to office quite late, 15 minutes late, to be greeted by boss’s PA, that boss wanted to see me, then I did some urgent things and it was at 3.15 pm, that I finally realized that I hadn’t performed Zuhur yet.

p.s : I don’t want to think of what ifs.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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