I have few blogs. Now I am confuse how to manage them. I created this one because I wanted to talk about work. That’s why it’s named as assistdirect. I was the Assistant Director when this blog was started. But then I’ve found out that work is not that interesting to be shared, so I wrote about my life, personal and whatever. Then I fell into blogger (some friends’ blog need me to sign in to leave comments) then now I write in the blogspot as well, in weekly basis.  At the time I thought that my personal life was a bit too exposed, that a blog in blogspot will be perfect for things I decided to keep close, but still wanted to get them publicized. (Don’t get it? Never mind). I just love writing.


I am not good at lying. I’d rather keep things silent than telling the lies. I can’t be pushed into telling things I don’t like, otherwise I’d be crying my heart out or worse, I’d reveal things that I’m supposed to keep. That’s not good.


I love driving. I love driving my friends and families around.


I always wonder how am I going to meet my Mr. Right.  Maybe he’s  lost in his journey to find me? Hehehehe..

7 thoughts on “I

  1. i love driving my mak around too. 😀

    Aishah, I think he’s on the way la.. Jap lagi sampai la tu, time you tak expect dia sampai. *wink*

  2. kak nana : haha. i memang comelkan. 😛

    en_me; ye. bak mai poskad satu dari oz..

    irises; kan. insyaAllah, amin.

    sufi; yu sokmo ngan teori2 yu tapi i percaya sebab yu dah melaluinya… eh, ari tu I jumpa pijah di openhouse epi…

    1. arin, i ada dah akaun tumblr, but seriously can’t figure out what to do with it… it’s too simple and too graphical la.. 😀

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