Makati, and assignment


It’s been good a week since I last update this blog. I did write but in the other blog.

I went to Makati, Manila for a work trip, which was surprisingly a good and fun trip, at least so far.

I attended an ASEAN meeting with few other colleagues from Malaysia. There were a few groups of meeting and in my group, my colleague was the Chairman.

We had meeting for two consecutive days. But our nights were spent with trips to malls and places of interest that we could manage to go in such a short time.

We stayed at a posh hotel in that metro, which I certainly understand that I would not be able to afford if I were to stay there on my own expenses. Thankfully there’s work related thing, I finally set foot in Manila, and to be specific, Makati. Makati resembles Bukit Bintang in many ways, there are a lot of posh and exclusive shopping malls and hotels. To name a few, the Shangri La, Ascott and our Peninsula and the Glorietta and Green Belt. The Makati and Ayala Avenue is a place where you could find Gucci, Omega, Bvlgari and LV by the roadside.

Traffic  was such a headache there. To add to it, most of the drivers are reckless. It was such a poor experience to arrive at the town at 6 pm when people were rushing out from workplace to home. Our driver brought us through whatever shortcut, we even found ourselves crossing the railway when the train was coming towards us (we were in the airport taxi). The driver even had the guts to joke “see, the train’s coming!” Gosh!

And when we arrived at the Pen Manila, we were shocked to find out that our luggage had to be checked by the dogs. The security is 5 star, I should sty. We had to go through checking just like we would have at the airport (Imagine it yourself), every time we wanted to enter the hotel.

Anyway, people there were so nice and honest. Unlike in HCMC where we got cheated by the taxi driver. A driver in Makati will tell if they could use few pesos of tips from us, to fill their gas.

People at Pen were unbelievably nice, we felt we were a king. (and queen). They stopped to greet us whenever we passed them by at corridor. “Morning mam, Night mam..” I miss the greeting. Hahaha.

Balik Bayan, the place where we went to find some souvenirs was having the Xmas sale, where most of the things were at 50% discount. The people were nice they offered us free ride to the Hard Rock just because one of us is pregnant. Haha. Nice.

So many nice things. I don’t know if I could ever go back to Makati. It’s an expensive town.

But I had fun with my colleagues there. Alhamdulillah.

Oh. Okay I should get back to the assignments.

makati avenue.... at the underground tunnel
the 5 star one

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