I have always love holding the bouquet *pfffttt*

This pic was taken after Mid and Mahzuz’s solemnization, at Masjid Ubudiah, Mergong on Saturday.  We were lucky to get there just few minutes before the aqad, otherwise I would feel that the drive from Penang to AS was not really worthy.

We chose to check in at Penang because we found out that we (I) just love to be there.  Actually there’s another wedding to attend at Dewan KBS, Batu Uban. The trip to Penang was always a nice one, and friends there were all happy (I guess) to have me around. Hopefully they enjoyed my company as much as I do.

I went to Penang and Alor Setar with Azy, Aimi and Majid, in Azy’s car.  We departed from Putrajaya at 6.30 am on Saturday and reached there at 12… We had a great lunch at Kapitan, which seems to be our favorite eatery now.  They offered the most mouth watering Beriyani Ayam.  Even the price is affordable, about half of what we pay for Beriyani in Putrajaya.

Okay, long story short, our trip could be summarize as below.

  • 6.30 am-12.01pm- Putrajaya-Penang
  • 3.00-6.30pm – Penang-Alor Setar-Penang
  • 8.30pm- Attended Hajar’s wedding at Dewan KBS Batu Uban (we dropped by on our way from AS to Penang)
  • 10.30pm- We went to Feringgi. Thanks to Khalil. 😉


  • 9.00 am – Had breakfast at Transfer Road, advised by Ellya. 😀 Nice half boiled eggs.
  • 12.01pm- Reached A.Setar for Mid’s kenduri.
  • 2.45pm- Departed for Putrajaya.
  • 11.30pm- Reached home, after a bit de tour at Uptown for dinner.


Result : Tired and relief, that PTK assignment is finally submitted today!

Mid (or used to be known as Miss Oren here) with her hubby. 😛

Dear Mid, congratulations! and I wish you both happiness ever after. Yes, it was sad to lose you but I hope you will always allocate short quality time for us… 🙂 Miss you already! 😦

mid and I. 😀

10 thoughts on “Perjalanan

  1. miss u 2 echah. huuuu.
    (aku asyik tersasul panggil nama ko sepanjang 2 hari dgn cpah n ijad. huuu. betapa aku dh start rindukn ko awal2 lg. huuuu)

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