I don’t think there will be any recap from me. (we’ll see as I go on! hah)

Basically, 2010 brought many things, ups and downs and practically it was the same with the previous years that had gone by. The kind of the same sappy and happy stories, which sometimes left me wondering did they happen last year or the previous. That’s how much things didn’t progress.

Anyway, I can’t say the same about work. I should be more thankful because 2010 marked my 5th year in the service, and the year when I could say I started to receive a satisfying paycheck. Some might not share this opinion but, for me it’s more than enough.   Last year, saw me traveled to the ASEAN countries for work.  Though many had been to much more places, still I felt thankful and glad.

At least for this time being, as I already confirmed a lot for a house, which will be ready in 2013, insyaAllah.  Oh, and that could be a big progress I presume. 🙂 A house I could call my own home.  A house which will be ready in 2013 is equal to I have to spend money to do some beautifying later. Wish me luck : on saving more money and everything.

Relationship/love with a man/men? Haha. No I still don’t secure one. But I have made new friends though. But according to what I read on my horoscope, mid year 2011 might bring me something special. (and now I will be anticipating the mid year. Haha).

Family, as usual will always remain on the top of my priority.

Friends; oh. I am blessed with lots of peeps I could call friends. Alhamdulillah. They never seem to mind having me around. 🙂

Trips, this year we managed to get down to HCMC for girly trip and drove up to the North for a bachelorette thingy. 😉 Okay this year I wasted few ringgit on Air Asia as there were two flights that I canceled. Fuhh.

Hmmm… well, that might be all.

My new year’s eve was celebrated with lots of strangers whom had turned to friends. I signed up for a volunteer work at Kem Isi Rimba, Kemensah, Hulu Kelang. It’s more an entertainment event, with DJ and indie bands things going on. That was such an unusual experience for me, but I treasured them all dearly.

So, cheers to 2011.

Ready?! HAH!

(That was quite a recap, wasn’t it?)

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