Trip to Dungun :)

3rd Feb

I drove to Dungun, all by myself.  It was my first time driving alone there 😉 And Alhamdulillah, I had safely arrived at my friend’s (Ruby) house in Dungun.  Later we had dinner at another friend’s house (Na), also in Dungun.  Reunited with some other girlfriends. 🙂 They were all my schoolmates and all with babies in hand 😛

efie, ziema, ya and farrah (all with their kid(s))

4th Feb

We went to our schoolmate’s wedding in Kemaman 😉 And of course we met another lot of schoolmates, boys and girls.  That was sweet. (Miss them all terribly) No full photo taken but photo with bride and groom are in FB. 😛

Later Na and hubby brought us to have satar, otak-otak and pais ikan. Nice nice nice.  I love it and for me, it’s a mission accomplished! 😀

5th Feb

Time to say goodbye! Huhuhu… Before going back we all had brunch at Na’s again! This time around she cooked us lontong. Who could predict that this once a tough girl (she was the Sergeant for our Police Cadet during school!) could be such a good cook! 😛

Anyway we spent most of the time talking and reminiscing and gossiping! Haha. Miss you all ladies! 🙂

farewell group photo : Na, me, epie, ruby and farrah

Alhamdulillah, I safely reached home after almost 6 hours of driving!

Love the sky... was driving while capturing this 😛


p.s : How did you guys spend your CNY break? 😀



3 thoughts on “Trip to Dungun :)

  1. kemas rumah- bebel kat adik2- baca buku- masak-masak.

    heh, cuti panjang ke, cuti pendek ke, sama je rutin kak nana ni.

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