Apa mereka ingat I ni menghidap short term memory loss ke?

Ada satu company ni approached me to get my big boss’s endorsement for their course.  That was fine until I found out that I had attended one of their courses last year.

It was said to be international (on paper). It turned out it was nothing like that la. Just a mere 30 participants during that 2 days course.  I checked further just to confirm my curiosity that this time around, they are organizing the same course. The “international” as they said.

So I went to discuss this with my boss. My boss said maybe they need the endorsement from our big boss just for the sake of promoting their course. It was not inappropriate but, it was not the right way anyway, unless we called them and asked them to handle such course la kan.

I just kept this thing aside and decided to ignore the letter and emails and calls.

Until today, I decided to answer the call.

He told me this and that about their course. I asked him about the course. It was smooth until this conversation;

Me : So far how many participants have confirmed to attend?
Him : About 200, 200 hundred plus
Me : Ok. This is the 2nd conference, is it?
Him : Yes, we had one last year.
Me : Okay. How many participants attend the course last year…
Him : 200… (I mean 200?, but I probed further, maybe I was wrong)
Me : Oh. Where did you organize it?
Him : Prince Hotel. (Confirm! It was the same course I attended! *that one with 30 participants you guys!)
Me : Okay, I need to discuss further with my boss. I’ll get back to you on Monday?
Him : Ok. Thank you Ms. Aishah.

Arghh, they did sound/smell fishy right????




Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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