Well, sometimes…

I was working at a cinema 5 years ago when I met one guy. He’s quite cute. He was looking for a part time job and I was the HR officer back then so, I have to interview him, and well, get to know him better.

He didn’t qualify as the part timer because he’s a degree holder and I thought he told me that he was already working full time in a quite stable company. So, I just gave him a “No”.

He came back the next weekend and waited for me, for my break time actually to just have dinner or tea or whatever with me. (Working at an entertainment place, and being quite a leader I didn’t get to rest at a fix time. I only could rush out at non peak hours but it was always crowded during weekend).

Funny thing was, he confessed that he just wanted to talk to me when he applied for the part time job. Bodoh. Of course I fell for that! I was young. I was 22 (going on 23) at that time!

Then I told him that I am going for the  interview (my current job).  He was working in Putrajaya too, I guess.  I was naive, I trusted everything he said. (HUHU).

He told me about his job and I asked him everything I knew from the assessment that I went.  Some facts were twisted but what did I know about the service at that time. So if he did lie to me, I would make them slip. I liked him! (Not my fault!)

Then we went apart after I got this job. And I didn’t know exactly how did we drifted apart from each other. Until one day (few weeks after I started working here) I saw him with someone else.

Then. I was pinched.

And I was sad.


And few weeks ago, I had met someone who looked just like him. But I guess it was only on my mind. I forgot about him already until I saw this person. Even their front name was the same. But… I didn’t think they talk in the same way.


But time changes everyone, in many other ways.


Whatever la.

(Sorry for some time wasting story)


sweets for sweet persons! 🙂

Went to celebrate fish’s birthday and I brought this to be shared with friends 🙂

Love them all!



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

8 thoughts on “Well, sometimes…”

  1. I was expecting this question btw…

    it happened 5 years ago, by 5 years I mean it happened on 2005 because to say it happened 6 years ago seems so long…because it s just the starting of 2011.

    I’ll be a little older than 27 this year. 😀

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