New Specs



It’s been quite a long time since I got myself a new specs…kan?

Last time was in 2008, while I was hanging out with En. Zul. (now he’s married!) Lama tak sebut nama dia kat blog. Hihi. Now baru boleh kut. Nevermind.

It happened when on Sunday morning, my sweet girlfriend, NE said something about the critical condition of my current specs. It has some calar balar on its coating. Since it has some kind of tinted on the glass, the calar balar seems too obvious and would kill my looks. EHEHE.

So yesterday I went to kedai specs to make a new one. I chose one as above. It was easier than the last time. Perhaps I was alone while waiting for AT, so it was easier to choose. By the time she reached the shop, I already had decided on the frame design.

I remember the last time I made the specs, it took me almost an hour on choosing the frame. Because I had to listen to some comments and I believed I was controlling my self. PFFFTTTT. Dem.


I paid for it and will wait until the shop calls me, maybe in 2-3 days.


No I guess I won’t be doing any LASIK treatment this year or next.


But, who could tell.


Have a great day guys! πŸ™‚


p.s ; oh. da takde dah kenangan ngn en.zul nanti. hehe. things are better that way. kan? cheers!


5 thoughts on “New Specs

  1. aku pun terasa macam nak tuko speks.. sbb spek ini kadang2 membuatkan aku rasa pening… woo mesti power naik lagi.. hmm cam comey je frame ituu..

  2. comel… power tak naik tapi silau naik…
    kena tukar sebab bahaya drive malam2.. u know la i kan suka drive male2 buto… tambah2 kalu kelik kelate…

  3. huhu perkataan HOYA kat cermin tu memula aku baca mcm KOYA..oyeeah aku pun kena buat new specs nampaknya πŸ™‚

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