Do guys discuss?

I read somewhere that women have more channel of thinking, if compared to men. That’s why we could think about so many things at one time. Yeah, we could, but that doesn’t mean we are so focused on all that. Okay.

Well, I happen to think of this, do guys discuss? I mean, yeah I know they do discuss a lot, about sports, financial, work, entertainment etc. But do they discuss their feeling with their friends?


I am sure they do. But to what extend.

Do they go around reporting to their friend, like I tend to go to my friend and say,

“He doesn’t reply my text at all. I wonder what he feels about me? Does he think I am just a fling etc etc bla bla”

Do guys do that?

Like I asked this one guy;

“When are you planning to see me?”

I wonder if he goes to his friend and say;

” I don’t know what to do about this girl. She keeps asking me this this this…”

If girls/women, we would discuss to the extend of…

  • we will come out with many theories, the positives and the negatives;
  • we will list down few follow up actions that we could take;
  • we will decided if this man is worth keeping or pursuing for;
  • we will just give the truth;
  • we will comfort each other…. whatever that means….

Does a guy think that by not telling the truth, he will keep a girl’s heart from breaking? If so, well, he thought wrong. Many girls can handle the truth, yeah they will explode but well, a girl is tough. When she chose to show her feeling  off, she’s ready to face the world, whether or not the world will turn its back on her. What she hates is, waiting for uncertainty things. Yeah she’s got many things on her mind, but this one will never fade and will remain in her mind/head. Yeah she’s got lots of happy things going on, but just one little thing about a guy could erase all the happy thoughts.

So, guys, don’t keep any girls waiting. Tell the truth. No or yes. Just a word.

Well…I don’t know if guys will talk about a girl with his buddies… like we do… hee… it’s just a thought anyway… mindless factless just a view from a boring girl..Please be reminded that I (think) am an idealist. Haha. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.

Oh. Happy Saturday all.

No, he still doesn’t reply me.

7 thoughts on “Do guys discuss?

  1. mhj tak suka saya pk bukan2. aduhh saya pun asyik pk where and when we’ll end up. tapi saya tak pernah dapat jawapan yang spesifik or menarik minat. kena banyakkan sabar..huhu..sori i’m babbling~

  2. buzzy, kan?

    arin, jangan fikir banyak sangat… just keep him good 😉

    arin, a ah.. i like stacy so much. comel dan sangat membantu…

  3. eh aku suka apa sembang2 mcm yg girls suka sembang tu. but then again, most people just say that I’m ‘kepoh’.. :-p

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