Feels like writing

My 8th Mike Gayle's book. 🙂

I bought the new book from Mike Gayle. The title is “The Importance of Being A Bachelor”.  Sounds perfect, isn’t it for the things I’ve been searching for. But well, it’s a name. A Bachelor is apparently a surname.  Anyway, the book still touches a little bit about single life, as the title says.

I just read half of it. So, there’s not much to review.  But I love it already. 🙂 I love the way the story been told. Refreshing and not boring.

Anyway, I reviewed two books from him before. Please read them here.

Oh. Been up to nothing lately.

Yesterday was spent lingering with friends. Went to Mid’s for breakfast, had lunch at Sani’s and off to Ikea with Majid and Fisha.

It was nice. I love playing with Irfan. He’s so light… I don’t mind carrying him around while Nolee and Sani were arranging their stuff at the new home. 🙂

Irfan 😉

🙂 Have a great day ahead! ❤


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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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