Collected tweets; things I didn’t say

we should be grateful.

The topic is the shortage of haulage drivers in Malaysian logistics industry.

  • Discuss; shortage of haulage drivers.  How about setting up a minimum wages for them, or promote what wonderful job a driver is?
  • Drivers mencuri and anything.  So if drivers ada banyak advantages di certain company, with a good pay benda tu won’t happen
  • If only companies (are) willing to invest in training and trust the drivers with other responsibilities other than carrying and delivering
  • And now companies wanted drivers to be treated like pilots, first companies must be willing to fork out fund for professional training
  • Why would this be a gamen issue? Companies should do something la I guess.  Plus it’s an attitude issue. People are different.
  • Now industries compare to the Volvo.  Volvo is willing to invest in making drivers stay. You should do the same la industries.
  • And how are we supposed to go with the liberalisation? ****** (censored)

And the second topic is about promoting the epayment. It’s not really in my job scope but as I was already there, I might as well participate in the discussion, although only on my mind. 🙂

One thing I wanted to say is,

Changing doesn’t always mean thing would be better.  Sometimes, grass is greener on this side. 🙂

p.s : I just thought that, industries should always be brave to invest and please don’t compare us to the Singapore and FYI, the logistics cost here is more expensive if compared to Thailand. We are just in the middle. Singapore offers better services and exporters/importers willing to pay even at bigger cost. We offer a mediocre services at a reasonable cost. It’s attitude.


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One thought on “Collected tweets; things I didn’t say”

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