If we could only be more grateful

I have alwaysw remind myself, that, apart from the many things that I’ve missed out, there’s still a lot of things that I have, whether or not I deserved it.

So, I try to remind myself occasionally that, I have so many things to be grateful for, instead of whining on things I didn’t get to get my hands on it. But even those reminders can’t keep me from envying what others have. Dem. 😦

Maybe I have to work harder to get them, eh?

Okay, enough of rambling hehe.

Now I am in Bandung for work, but right now I am chilling myself with free internet at lunchplace.

I arrived yesterday, got some sleep then I went out for dinner with my Indonesian colleague, Jurman. He and his friend, Rama took me to have dinner in a nice place, as Jurman said it

we are going to have good food with a good view

I guessed we went to some sort of highland, but the place was indeed nice, apart from it was raining so the view was quite limited. 😉 But the companies of a good people could make it up enough.

This morning I joined a workshop on AFAS. At the QnA session, it felt more of a dialogue between Malaysia and WTO, because we had two representatives from Malaysia who bombarded the speaker (from WTO) with killer questions. I felt so small instantly being around them. Of course it was worth sending them here. It’s for Malaysian development nonetheless.  (After so much complaining on government spending).

One thing that stuck in my mind was what the speaker had said

there’s a need to separate economical and political

I wished there and then, there’s a political people in it.

Oh, there I go rambling again. Here’s a photo of me and Jurman for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

Jurman and I and the supposedly nice view... 🙂

Have a great weekdays ahead! 🙂

Wish me luck for my meeting tomorrow~

3 thoughts on “If we could only be more grateful

  1. memang cute. 🙂
    arin, i da tulis tu… for your viewing pleasure, i know you re gonna like that pic… hahaha 😉

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