I used to and always remind myself (and few friends) that, friendship and every relationship is a two way thing. That’s it. Kalau kita saja yang memberi sedangkan satu pihak lagi, hanya menerima atau tidak berusaha untuk membalas pemberian kita, might as well call it off.

Though I know that, not every friendship works that way. People are unique. Well, maybe I talk too much, or maybe I do nothing but actually, if I don’t deserve to be somebody’s friend, then, guess what, it’s a two way thing, the conclusion is easy, he or she doesn’t deserve me too.

I have few unapproved friends requests on FB, I guess that’s fair because I myself have about 100++ friend request that I don’t want to approve (yet).  So, people can choose. What is the big deal?

The big deal might be, oh, am I that disgusting he doesn’t want me as friend? am I that cheeky or ugly or anything. Well, remember this, it’s not our loss, it’s not their loss too. Things are meant to be that way, accept it. Explanation? Somethings don’t need any explanation, at all, do they? You’ll find the reasons of everything as you go on with your life.

People has been in and out of your life, made little change, coloured your day, turn it around, made you smile, made you cry, made you whatever you are, thanks to them, so just be thankful, and if they wanna leave, let them, who are we to make them stay, we might not always know what is best for us, how are we going to decide for others? If people chose to leave, maybe you have to let go as well.

Memories are there and will always be. I have photographic memories, I know. Maybe people will forget about me, but I believe I will remember most things about people, well, if I want to.

Oh, after all the positive anythings to make me want to go on with my life, I have to admit that I’ve made a lot of stupid and lame choices. But, you know, it’s life and to me, those wrong, stupid and lame mistakes or events or person that I’ve known, I’ve faced and I’ve been with, they, in other ways, had made me wiser. (Though I tend to redo the same mistakes, especially with people. HAHA. Lame me-I know).

But, sometimes, I have to make stupid things, just to adapt to the existing stupid situation, you get what I mean? Nah. It’s okay, it’s just me.  You who have been with me (and the blog) since forever probably had came to their senses that this is none other than a lame post on a lame afternoon.

Seriously, I admit, I had done something and now I seem to get it paid.  Like any other thing, of course it had it’s own reasons. Stupid or not,  it’s a choice. Like the lame movie, Never Say Never bet the Inception for the best movie award in one people’s choice award. What would you say, people are unique. Not everybody thinks the same way.

A colleague told me that my blog had been a hit among few colleagues. I wonder.

p.s : Good luck with our life.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

9 thoughts on “Pernah”

  1. saya pernah pinjam buku Mills&BOon dari teacher sham tajuk Never say never. best hehe..tak berkaitan pun dengan entri awk cha.
    sebenarnya saya pun tak mampu jadi kawan yang baik tapi harap kawan-kawan maafkan kekurangan diri saya.huhu

  2. urkkkk……tetiba aku terasa hahaha..aku mtk maaf klu i’m not such a ggod friend for u all these sorry..honestly, aku mmg camni..nmpk mcm ignoring tapi sbnrnya deep in my heart my friends are always have a special place!!!!and, gudluck to u too!!

    1. perasan la kau ni… over sensitif pulak.. heeee…
      taklah, aku tak tuju sapa2.. cuma peringatan kepada diri sendiri jer.
      i appreciate you very much… my sis!
      thanks for always being there for me… muah~~

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