Lame, I know.

Alhamdulillah! To be breathing, and resting.

Saturday, I went for movies, with TM. We watched Green Lantern and X-Men (my second time). Between movies, we went for karaoke and a bowling game. It was fun. It’s been so long since we last hang out and had some fun time, relaxing  without having to be rushing to anything.

It was Soleha’s birthday on Sunday. So, I took her and KJ out for cakes. We had our dose at Secret Recipe. For dinner I went out with an old friend. We went to Bangi to find nasi ayam penyet. He didn’t want to have Wong Solo but insisted on having the Ayam Penyet Best. Okaylah. The taste was good but (secretly) I love Wong Solo’s more. 😛

Yesterday I went for a meeting, an ASEAN one but since  the organizer was MITI Malaysia, then it’s just like going to a usual meeting. It was held in KL Renaissance (again). It ended at 6pm and I had to make a detour to KLCC instead of going straight home at the hour, because you know, traffic was massive and I was too sleepy to be driving. I stayed there until 9 pm and had dinner with Lan at Little Penang.

Now, I am here, in the office forgetting another meeting. Though I had already requested another officer to attend it for me, I might have forgotten (might no know) that the meeting had been postponed to this morning. I told him that the meeting will be in the afternoon at 2.30pm. Damn, I am that old.

I had to request him to go to that meeting because I was so tired. I had to go to Parliament this morning to meet with my deputy minister to brief him on a meeting that will be held tomorrow. The briefing merely took 10 minutes but it took me nearly two hours to drive there, to and fro.

Man, I was tired and sleepy again. I dropped by to visit my exhousemate, Ila who had safely delivered her baby at Hospital Serdang. Adam is a quite and cute baby. 🙂

adam, son of Ila and Ojan...

Now, I am sitting in front of my lappy and trying to do some work, but you know, blogging is more fun. So, here. Better pen off now.

Till next time 🙂


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

5 thoughts on “Lame, I know.”

    1. arin, thanks, but I am far from a superwoman…
      i mean, a superwoman wouldn’t get tired easily, right.
      oh. superwoman could also fly. it’d be good, to just fly to the various meeting venue, without having trouble finding spots for parking etc. 🙂

  1. yeay..tu superwoman yang perfect, kite jangan jadi yang mcam tu takde thrill..jadi yang normal. cam citer devils wear prada. bukan meryl tu, tapi si p.a dia..(super ape..hehe)

    1. arin… i love the movie (the devil wears prada tu…) heee…

      fairuz… i put it on twitter… ingatkan u perasanlah.. lagipun it was unplanned… and i was feeling a little lazy… sleepy some more just want to have lazy time for myself. i am becoming more boring each day, you sure you wanna hang out with me? heee… panjang lak jawapan.. okay, next time, insyaAllah will tell you…

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