Eventful days


I was about to have lunch on Sunday when Fish whatsapped me to inform that one of OZF brothers, Zahir was badly injured in an accident. I tried to call another friend to know more about Zahir.Β  Later I learned that his tyre skidded when he was trying to do a lap at Karak/Bentong Highway. I lost my appetite there and then. I just met Zahir last two weeks and he told me stories about his passion-motorcycle, riding etc related.

Upon reaching home, I studied the reports/updates made by friends (OZF) on FB. Man, he was badly injured. So I decided to pay him visit. I knew that he’s unconscious but I felt that I have to go see him.Β  I cried once I thought of him, yesterday. 😦

I went to HKL with Fish and Azy. We met his family and few more friends there. One of the family friends said that there were a lot of friends that had came and gone to see him. What a bless. I know Zahir is good and kind in his own way.

It was sad to see him lying. All Fish and I did was praying and hoping that he’ll get better, and we were watching the monitors, with their red and blue lines, indicating whatever that we barely understood but we took it and agreed that it showed that Zahir was in stable condition.

After that we went to Dome, KLCC to have dinner. I had my expensive dinner of the year. (Bayar sendiri). Hmmm but it was nice and delicious. I like! I had gourmet beef pie. Love the mushrooms and peas… while the green tea, I could make it myself at home, really. But I will come back to tapaw the coffee.


This morning again, I had a short duty at Parliament. I had to brief the Deputy Minister II for his next meeting. It was a brief (hence the name) and as I learned from the previous session, he loves to read so I prepared the notes for him, to summarize everything that might be discussed in the next meeting. πŸ™‚ He was a simple man. Thank God.


Then, I left Parliament at 15 before 12 and decided to go have lunch and buy something at IKEA. Yeah. I had nasi ayam (Manager’s Special) and bought a rack for my clothes. Hmm. The beauty of driving to work.Β  At 2pm, I was back at the office.


Now, I am gonna go home. Can’t wait to set up the rack. No I didn’t buy the one in that tag. I’ve bought something cheaper and simpler. Me, lazy. Go figure.

Oh. Still praying for Zahir. Hopefully he will be strong enough. Yesterday we were informed that Doctors can’t operate his broken arm because his blood pressure was too low. Let’s pray for his fast recovery, okay. Pity his kid, and the upcoming baby. His wife is now heavily pregnant at 8 months.


Hope you guys had a great day! πŸ™‚


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

3 thoughts on “Eventful days”

  1. Aisyah kerja ok makan best2 jer hari2…:) saya malam2 beli bungkus biasa2 jer…huhu…Coffee pun saya suka tapaw bwk balik umah ..kalau sehari tak minum rasa tak puas nak buat kijer…

    Lawa pic Flickr…ada effect Lomo sikit2…:D

  2. hi nine…
    alhamdulillah… tapi bukan selalu pun makan sedap2… sebab tak selalu tu la yang letak gambar tu.. kalau hari biasa memang makan tapau jer…. kopi i buat sendiri beli 3 in 1 tu… bancuh kat opis…

    pasal flickr tu… memang dekat telefon ni ada saya pakai effect toy cam. πŸ™‚ itu pasal gambar jadi ala2 lomo tu. πŸ™‚

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