The power of social/media networks


I just got my free pass for transformers last night! 🙂

It happened just like that, I was retweeting then I got a reply asking on “1 tix or 1 pair?” Even though I  had no one in mind at that time, I just said “1 pair”.


Apparently it’s a noobie thing. I am not really sure on how do it works. I tried to get to the website but apparently it requires a special way of getting in. HMM. Since FB and Twitter are both banned in this office, so I guess I don’t have much to say.

But I do have few thing to say about the power of social/media networks.

  • it has an endless power, even without adequate resource, one could turn the world around;
  • it provides a wide access to information;
  • it affects the privacy of many things/persons/etc;
  • it connects people all around the world;
  • it simplifies things and makes things easier to be done;
  • etc… (malas)

I keep on thinking on how great that we now could access information there and there. It’s still a miracle to me. I keep on imagining that the information is floating around in a world, world of digital and whatever (I imagine them all in green), they are waiting to be downloaded… freely… What a foolish imagination I have…


So, I guess that’s all. I am thankful of how easy things get nowadays.

I hope everyone does.

Have a great weekend.

Oh. By the way, I think I like TF3, despite of my saying before that I thought TF3 was kinda bored. (From what I’ve read) But, it’s good, and though it didn’t really make sense but well….it’s a movie…


Thanks again to noobie for the free tickets! 🙂

7 thoughts on “The power of social/media networks

  1. Thanks Aisyah kongsi link Noobie..dah daftar email semalam…:D

    Hmm Transfomer saya suka yang 1st jer..tapi OST dia mmg saya suka sgt2…

    1. hai nine… dah daftar? apa fungsi dia sebenarnya ek? i pun lum daftar lagi…

      i memang suka jer movie2 ni… apa2 pun bleh layan…

  2. wah bestnya tengok transformers..lagi best kalau dapat tiket free.haha..saya pernah menang tiket free lotr dengan contest hotlink..sekali tu je la..haha

    1. kalau 3-4 tahun dulu memang biasa jer dapat tiket free… swekarang ni kena usaha lebih sikit…
      tapi tahun 2005 dulu lagi senang tengok wayang free… maklumlah… kerja kat cinema heheee 🙂

  3. mana aci keje kat cinema..haha
    dulu penah kawan dengan senior sekolah dia keje kat mid valley then join dia tengok wayang free. tapi kene belanja popcorn pulak..

  4. Saya pun tak pasti Aisyah..tapi mcm menarik..saja suka2..kira mcm advert or promote wensite dia kut ..sebab lepas masukkan email dia bagi shortlinks utk kita promote kat fb ngan twitter..

    The more friends you invite, the sooner you’ll get access..dia cakap benda free2 online nih saya minat hehe…

    Baru2 nih menang domain dari contest exabytes..tapi diorang bagi setahun jer ok la boleh guna untuk Tumblr…kalo nak beli RM35..pakai dulu cari duit melalui Nuff while online… hehe

    1. wah. siap menang domain! tahniah.
      nuffnang.. saya baru ada rm50.. tu pun sebab join event diorang dulu… kalau tak… tak gerak pun…

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