Lunchtimetale: A busy friend and another story.

I had lunch with Sally yesterday. We decided to go to Kenny Rogers but you know, it was of course fully occupied once we got there so we opted for Rasamas. Lucky us, there’s a couple of good seating available. And there’s a lunch time offer! I love.

I had masala lamb with rice while Sally had ayam(as) with rice. And we had a nice tapioca kuih with ice cream as our dessert. Thanks to Sally she paid for the lunch! Semoga murah rezeki you! Sally is a busy officer, it’s hard to get her on a free lunch time, she always seems to have appointment everytime. 😦

blurry photo, I didn't know what happen to my phone. Here's Sally with her over sweet mango juice..
my "masala yang tak berapa masala" lamb, should be spicier, and Sally roasted chicken
delicious tapioca "cake" with ice cream... 😉

Another story

It’s trending since yesterday, the #gangstersekolah on twitter. And my friend Y is tweeting about school years memories. Gosh. Miss school years.

I used to be a gangster among the skema. Means, I am not that gangster or naughty but since lots of my friends were misses goody goody, of course I seemed as the naughtiest of the lots.

But I was the active one, I played badminton for school and even represented my school in Camporee… while my gang/group didn’t do so. But  I was the one who didn’t get straight A’s (I got 7) for PMR so I was left in that school while they continued to a better college. Well, I had my time though.

I was caught in the action while trying to help my friend during an Add Maths exam haha. The result is, I got a nice present from our discipline teacher. I got triple shots of cane on my palm. I was form four. HUHU.

When I was in form three, I got a slap on my face for going to the school shop to buy ice cream during a class time. Since the teacher was not in, some boys and I headed down to buy some sweets but we couldn’t resist the temptation to have ice cream as well which resulted a pang for each one of us. 😦 HEHE.

And last but not least, I remember getting a kick at the ankle from the same teacher. I forgot my turn to cook for lunch during a camporee . It hurt. But I had always acted like a cool girl. So, I guess I could hide the pain from showing it off my face.

But as I get older, I guess I become more manja and lembik. Dem. HAHA. This is because I have a lot of friends to cheer me up, and to love me, and treat me as a damsel in distress hahahahhahahhaaaa. (I am being funny). LOL.

I love my school years but I had been a lazy school girl so I understand why there are a lot of teenagers who hate school but girls and boys, treasure your school years… and please be grateful!

That’s all.

Have a great day!


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

9 thoughts on “Lunchtimetale: A busy friend and another story.”

  1. aiyah..malunyerr..muka i yg berkilat tu pun ada ke….hmm bab bizi tu mcm betul kau perli aku since ssh sgt nak lunch together hahahahahaaa

  2. mama, malu lak… tak nampak pun berkilatnya.. perasaan kau jer ni..
    apa2 pun tq banyak2 ya… 🙂

    faruq, takpe… next time kita gi… okay…

  3. hey, normal circumstances boleh la.. aritu madihah takde, I had to pick up aiman. siap bawak dia pi raptai perhimpunan tau!

  4. wah… mmg best giler time skolah…

    tapi agak pelik bila knowing that most of the ‘budak jahat’ masa kat sekolah now hampir semuanya jadi cikgu !! hiks

    anyway, skolah berasrama mendidik kita jadi orang !

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