Birthday celebration~ sort of…

Hallu! Salute!

Before that;

he he he...

I didn’t do much things on my birthday, I was so lazy to think of the way to celebrate it, I guessed the company of meaningful people is enough for me. By the way, I had great and exciting time anyway.

I spent Friday night with Soleha, we went to watch Harry Pott-er at TGV Cheras Selatan. I think this is my second time celebrating my birthday with watching HP movie. Last time was in 2009 with Pojoe and AT. 🙂

Oh. One funny thing happened when Soleha and I wanted to get out from the cinema, we were the last person who went out from it because we went to the toilet first and we followed the wrong path that we ended up in the emergency path with no way to get in back to the mall. I called the Serdang/Seri Kembangan Police Station (I googled the number with my phone-lucky) and the police called the Mall Security and after about 30 minutes, we were rescued. What a way to start a birthday-day! Hehe.

After that I drove to KL, just to see the lights. Friends know I love seeing the lights. I don’t know why but I think the lights have the effect to lighten up my face (and heart).

here's Dataran Merdeka for you~

On Saturday, I met up with my 3 loudest friends. HUH. Had a great time with them! (Miss them suddenly). We went to Bon Odori. Okay, since my birthday is kind of in summer, I guess there’s a lot of celebration come with it. This is my second time going to Bon Odori, as part of celebration with friends, the last one was in Penang with Buzzy in 2009…

with girls in kimono~

After that, we went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi, to redeem our Starbucks voucher that we received on the One Day Pilot event. HEHE.  Had a cute cake, (get the cake with BCard discount coupon~) Thanks BCard!

this is my cute cake~
Post celebration... at Pak Li, Shah Alam...with our tired face...
the "Sembilu" bridge... 🙂 driving them around Putrajaya
cousins... silent Sunday evening at my uncle's

Just a simple and nice gathering with friends. Looking forward for more time with more friends … 😉

Now, back to work~


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

12 thoughts on “Birthday celebration~ sort of…”

    1. nasib baik terfikir nak call polis cawangan.. kalau akal pendek harus aku terkol 999… takpun tekan loceng kecemasan bomba tu… (kalau aku buat gitu kesian lah orang yang tengah tengok wayang semua pun kena lari keluar selamatkan diri…) yak a au…

      thanks for the wish…

    1. lat… tak… insyaAllah tak buat… hehee

      fairuz… tengs… makin menjadi cantik…. bijak… baik… betul la tu… ahahaha

  1. nowadays, I rasa paling bermakna kalo birthday sambut ngan orang tersayang. ngan family, close fren.

    glad u had an eventful birthday celebration…

  2. Happy birthday Aisyah..semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu…Amin..:)

    Huuuu..lama tak turun KL..tak tau camner skrg..last gi tahun 2009 …maybe end of this yer nak turun sana…selalu pi Penang jer kat Megamall tu…Tak pun gurney ngan Prangin Mall..

    Sebab mak ada beli umah kat sana…Mutiara Heigh kat Jelutong..kdg2 weekend port situ…

    KL cousing sorang duk SA…pernah lepak umah dia 2 minggu…

  3. hepi besday…may Allah bless u…semoga lebih berbahagia dan dimurahkan lagi rezeki…

    p/s:waahhh….kite share bulan besday yg same la=)

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