My childhood….

I am reading this book called Summer and the City, yes it’s the second series of Diaries. Basically, it’s Carrie Bradshaw before her glamour days… And as I read through her younger days memories, I was called to tell a bit story of my childhood. 🙂

As my friends would already knew, I came from a mid-income salary. With both of my parent working, we should be able to make ends meet, except that we have far too many siblings to be considered “able”.

Yeah, true stories. My mum is the eldest from 8/9 siblings (like me) so, apart from feeding us, she too felt the responsibility to feed her other siblings was on her.  While my father is the second from 5, with better income from my grandparent.

I remember that my mum used to put her siblings first before me. I remember I used to wear her white shoes (she’s nurse) to school while he gave my uncle rm20 to buy sparx shoes from Bata. I wore those shoes from standard 5 until form 1. Luckily I got an offer to go to MRSM, my mother had no choice but to buy me a black shoes. Otherwise, I would still be wearing her white hospital shoes until the last day of SPM. HEHE. 😛

Then our baju raya, were hardly came from a mall. We used to buy shirts/pants anything from a van. My mum told me few months ago that the salesman is her friend from her hometown and he had a stall in the market. Mum also revealed that she made installment to be able to pay for our baju raya. Luckily we were happy enough to just get new clothes without making fuss of the brands. What did we know about brand anyway? HAHA.

I had my baju kurung only once in a year. If lucky my sisters and I could get two new pairs of baju kurung for the year. Otherwise, one was more than anything.

We barely had chicken for our meal. Except during Ramadan. But we live anyway. 🙂 I love my parent.

As time passes by, both mum and dad got their career developed and now is sitting at a better position, I can’t be thankful enough.

At times, I do tell my two baby brothers to be grateful of what they have now, as their brothers and sisters are all working now, they almost get anything they want.

I hope that our life will always be blessed and we will never forget what we’ve been through as children.

Cheers to a happy future 🙂



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

11 thoughts on “My childhood….”

  1. suka baca nih :)..mak kita mom also used to work as nurse dulu….

    Saya masa kecik2 dulu susah…mak ngan ayah kije cari duit, so arwah tok yang jaga saya..tinggal kat Kulim masa tu..

    Hehe bab kasut dulu mak saya beli selipar jer..tapi saya bersyukur dengan rezeki Allah beri…

    1. faruq… thanks 😉
      and couldn’t agree more…

      nine, semuanya sebenarnya adalah cukup kalau kita selalu bersyukur.. 🙂
      (ni pesanan untuk diri sendiri juga..)

      fairuz, baguslah kalau entri ni buat awak bersemangat~

      arin, kan? i start kenal adidas la apa semua tu bila masuk yt la… semua orang macam kaya je… huhu…

    1. arin, kan.
      dulu terpinggir je lah. sedih pulak kalu ingat.
      tapi awak ada gak duit buat beli novel ahadiat akashah. heehe. pastu balut dengan kertas warna warni… haha 😛

  2. chah, i pun dlu dr keluarga susah chah….tatau pon brand2 nieh. da kerojer baru tau…baru merasa. tapi yg sedihnya adek2 nieh never learn. terlalu laidback. bila kita bising dia marah..kata penyibuk. haishhh~

    1. sekarang ni… beth… meletops! auw! haaha 😉
      itulah, sebab tulah duk buka cerita pasal kehidupan susah2 dulu with mum and brothers… biar diorang tahu…

  3. hmm…mengharukan cerita ni. lebih kurang mcm aku la. cuma aku ada abang dan kakak yg masa aku bljr diorg dah kerja. takpelah, we are what we are today. past is not the judge to dictate our life in the future, right?

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