Hey Orang Atas!



I wrote about how the water leakage from our upstairs neighbours had contaminated our bathroom.

So as advised by the maintenance of the flat, I issued them a letter.

It was quite hard because I didn’t know who they were. Anyway as I had written so many official letters and emails…I couldn’t help but write to them in quite a formal language. Huhu.

Last night, a man called me to discuss about this. I suspected that the flat is occupied by foreigners (read; Bangladeshi maybe) who work at some Mamaks nearby.

They said that they will discuss with the flat owner and will contact me back. They even apologized and I guessed they were really sorry for that.

Hmmm. I still owed the maintenance guy RM15! Haha. I didn’t have enough cash yesterday. Will pay him back sooner.

Till then, have a great day!

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9 thoughts on “Hey Orang Atas!

  1. arin, they didn’t contact me back until now… after the first call… šŸ˜¦

    sally, what hepen? hahahah šŸ˜‰ nice though… memperbanyak komen kat sini!

    1. itula… i pulak tak simpan no. telefon diorang.. aiyoh… takpela… kalau diorang ingat diorang bayar la… kalau ada rezeki i tak kemana… insyaAllah

  2. macam sama kes je dengan fid, lebih kurang actually, jiran atas tu sinki dia bocor abis ceiling umah fid, kami knock the door terus n deal dgn jiran tu, now dah settle, dah takde air menitik lagi

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