Work and Play

Okay, edited untuk pembaca setia. πŸ˜€



atas meja saya hari ni… kerja kerja kerja….


jam ni baru repair. πŸ™‚ dah dua tahun ni! comel tak? tapi dah calar2 sebab saya kan ganazzz…


ni reen yang baru bertunang Sabtu lepas, kat Kuantan. πŸ™‚


McFlurry Milo yang sedap sangat! shud try! recommended!


inai… makcik I kat Muadzam yang tolong pakaikan… cincin Z tu … ehem.. mak I yang bagi… πŸ™‚ bukan boifren I yang bagi…


Hey…it is Monday, again. Hmmm. I am feeling good but still lazy and was a bit late today. But no sweat.

I spent weekend lazying around. On Friday Azy and I went up to Muadzam then down to Kuantan before heading back to Putrajaya on Saturday. Traffic was disaster on that day.

I went to Shah Alam to visit my cousin and had arranged things in our third room with the racks I ve bought from IKEA…that was on Sunday!

Now I need to finalize few official matters as I am leaving for two different meetings and workshops at two different country start next week! How stressful sometimes. Besides, my officer is going for his 7 months course start this 1st Oct. HUHU.

I hope I am gonna do well. Wish lucks okay!


Here’s another collection of random photos…

I am off for another openhouse. Muaaah!



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