Обновления из России

It means, updates from Russia~~

(Abdaneiyer iz Rasia)


I didn’t mean to write a long post but just to record this in my blog…

I am now in Russia!!!!

Vladivostok, to be specific.

Alhamdulillah, I safely reached here this afternoon.

Will write more, just wish me luck and pray for me, okay.

I am here for work matters. 🙂



  • People here are beautiful and taller;
  • I slept a lot, now I know the meaning of jet lag;
  • It’s cold here. The weather is nice, sunny but the wind is too chill… I screamed the moment I first felt the wind…
  • I am 3 hours ahead than in Malaysia…
  • I am so tired…
  • There’s a little problem related to this trip, I don’t wanna share but I hope you guys will wish me the best…
  • I am so nervous, tomorrow there’s a presentation to be made each day. I have two slots, tomorrow and the day after…
  • That’s all…
(thank you)

10 thoughts on “Обновления из России

    • fid…
      presentation pasal perkara berkaitan logistik… lebih kepada perkembangan berdasarkan ASEAN punya free trade agreement and kerjasama transborder…

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