Rupanya… memang ada~

Dulu tak pernah pun terfikir yang I tidak akan pernah tidak ada masa untuk bercinta~

Bila artis jawab gossip dengan jawapan cliche mereka, I was like, “ceh… ye la tu”

Contoh jawapan artis;

  • no comment;
  • I hanya tumpukan karier I je buat masa ni~;
  • kami kawan biasa~~~~ ; and
  • I tak bersedia~
I rasa sekarang I boleh relate to all of these cliche responses…
  • I don’t really have comments on my love life right now… I guess it’s a mess, to start with I don’t even have any particular person to be called boyfriend, I don’t even have a possible candidate~ how’s that?
  • I am only focusing on my career~~~~~ this is so relevant~~~~~ it’s not that I don’t even have life… but I guess I am worrying too much on my job that I don’t even wanna think about anything else… what more a relationship thingy that will not bring me anywhere… unlike my career which will bring me up if I take care of it… right? no? whatever~~~~ maybe I am that negative~
  • we are only friends; yeah, how could I explain it anymore? It’s true I always love a company from a man, but that’s all. I love talking to some particular guys, that I like, because I guessed they understand me and sometimes they are so funny and they make me laughed but that’s all… of course I do wish for some serious romantic things but I guess I didn’t wish for it with all my heart… I am not that sincere, to be in love at this time…
  • I am not ready~~ well I guess this explain all….
But I guess, when the time is right, and I’ve found the right person, nothing else will matter…
For now, let me enjoy my singlehood~
while having breakfast at a local cafe in Sinchon, Seoul 😉

7 thoughts on “Rupanya… memang ada~

  1. i was thinking of the same thing also. we are on the same boat Chah. and to make it a bit gloomier, i don’t even have guy friends on talking basis.

    camne la rupanya jodoh di masa depan eh? *wonder*

  2. arin, thanks 🙂 i pray the same for you… many happiness and luck!

    shahsulong… we are facing the same situation i guess…

    teh and faruq, hopefully sooner la kan… 😀

  3. chah….cinta tetap ada utk kita semua..cuma masa yg menentukannya. til u meet the right one, u may have some efforts on love. takpe la apapun aku betul2 doakan kau bertemu cinta sejatimu :))

    1. hehe… cinta sejati… scary pulak mendengarnya…
      insyaAllah… 🙂
      hmmm… wondering how would he be like… hahaa 🙂
      thanks sally!

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