Little mis[s] but anyways, there’s always a happy ending.

How do you feel,

It goes like this, I had misinformed the consulate about my departure date out of Russia. My ticket was for 6th but my visa ended on 5th.

It was a serious mistake, made by myself. When we first transited in Incheon before boarding to Vla, I tried to put our name on the standby list and I could just pray when I was informed that flights from Vladivostok (Vla) to Korea was full and there’s only one flight from Vla to Incheon everyday.

So, on the last day of workshop (4th Oct) I did discuss this issue with the secretariat and they had assisted me with the feedback from Immigration and the possibilities of extending the hotel and all, they provided me with lots of useful information for so many in-cases situation. Thankfully. I did crack my mind thinking about the arrangement.  I was so tense and to make it worse, I didn’t have anyone to talk things with. That was quite a pressure. Luckily there were email, yahoo messenger and whatsapp so that I could blurt things out at some trustworthy friends.

Luckily, on the day we were supposed to get out from Vla, and after spending few hours at the hotel lobby, I was informed by the receptionist that I (and the MRC officer) were able to take that flight to Incheon on that day. How grateful I was. 🙂 I was willing to pay for the penalty rather than spending another day in Vla and get questioned by the Immigration officer the next day. 🙂 It’s not that I didn’t love Vla, but hmmm… yeah, what could I do… it’s my mistake…

As soon as we arrived at Incheon, I switched on my netbook and googled for some cheap/reasonable hotel for our stay in Korea. We had about two days before our flight back to KL.  I got us booked into a hotel at Shinchon area, didn’t know much about that place except that it is located near the Sinchon subway station. 🙂

Thank God that there was also a bus (airport limousine) with fixed price ticket (10,000 won = RM30) that took us straight to that station. A Korean girl helped us to get to that hotel, she called the hotel number for the direction and helpfully walked us there. I could do nothing but was grateful again for that the hotel was so near to the main interest (for me, at least). There were subway station, bus stands, shopping complexes, boutiques, stalls (clothes) and cafes. :))))))

We checked in almost at 8 so I had a perfect warm bath on that day. (There’s no water (hot/cold) in our Vla hotel on that day, the day we checked out).  Then I spent the rest of the night searching for easy places to go in Seoul.

I was grateful enough for almost all people in Seoul, Sinchon-dong specifically, was friendly and helpful… 🙂

And I can’t be thankful enough to have this chance to see other’s places…

Syukur, alhamdulillah!



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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