Some things,

Tadi sembang dengan Nik dan Khairul. Pasal Korea. Ekonomi. Juga pasal Brunei dan Malaysia.

Ratanya, kadar suicide tertinggi di dunia sekarang adalah di Korea. Selatan. Negara maju yang mungkin sarat tekanan.

Membangun dengan pesat, pelan pembangunan yang penuh, komprehensif, lengkap untuk rakyat. Tapi, kebanyakkan manusia Korea hidup dalam persaingan, duit jadi faktor utama.

Sekarang aku wonder, what if Malaysia become such a country? Nik said that we are on our way.

Yeah, we’re living in a fast (though not so fast) developing country. Soon, maybe we’ll be one of the developed countries. Then, at that stage, what are we striving for anymore? Human capitals become higher, demand are higher but the supplies may becomes higher. And then, people compete. People will compete.

Argh, I couldn’t help but feel grateful. But how do I say, each day, more people get smarter, 10As in SPM wouldn’t have been that meaningful anymore. Where are we going to escape? We used to import foreign labours to work in those heavy industries because you see Malaysians are so choosy in occupation. I don’t think we could afford to do that anymore. How do I go about telling my lazy brother, hey you have to work hard, you know, now people are living for money. He’s young, couldn’t even understand the words living for money. But anyway, some examples involving those bicycles and footballs might put him on the right path but, hmmm….

Malaysians may have been spoiled in some kind of luxurious way since the day they were born. (If compared to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam). But…. I think we have to change. Not that we have to put ourselves in a difficult life, but it’s just that we have to be prepared and work harder to keep on with what life has become.

It’s not always about the money.

I don’t know…

I guess I’ll write more when I get connected to more dots….

Salam Aidiladha, from Seoul.

with colleagues from Indonesia and Korea...beautiful autumn ๐Ÿ˜‰

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