I don’t know what to say~~

I would say that for me, being out of country for few days would make me feel blessed that I was born a Malaysian.

So, I don’t know about others, but I guess most of  Malaysians are like me, demographically, would feel the same.

I’ve been to many places, though not so many but, whether it’s more developed than Malaysia or the other way, I guess I am so grateful I am a Malaysian.

But, to say that I love everything about Malaysian, I don’t think so.

But I love Malaysian, nevertheless.

Okay I really don’t know what to say.

I just hope that all tourists/foreigners who are now in Malaysia would find Malaysians tolerable and helpful.

Though I met with some not nice people from other countries, I don’t wish for foreigners to be conned by Malaysians.



People in Korea…. I guess they would feel lucky and richer if they are in Malaysia for few weeks.  Even I’ve found many cheap things here. 🙂

I don’t understand their love for kimchi. I mean, every meal has to go with kimchi.

Even western food.


I actually couldn’t stand some views from youngsters about how hard living in Malaysia, about how bad Malaysia is and everything. I understand that was they way they see things. It’s their point of view, it’s not wrong or right, but maybe they didn’t think things through.

Maybe they think it was easy to manage a country. Yeah true we should learn from the best, but not all the best thing is adaptable in our country. Seriously here, even though I was exposed to every development plan and program made by Korea, I was not kept in doubt because, the Korean will say they do face some issues, what with public, private and regional government.

So I guess….

It doesn’t always have to be about development, it could be about everything….

It might be hard to put in words.

But anyway, like anyone else, I was just saying.

Because I think everyone should be grateful for what they have.


I know for some, nothing would be enough.

But sometimes, it’s good to spend sometime to cherish what we have, those who love us, because no one would never really know if those people and things will be ours forever.


That’s all I guess.

(Being grateful doesn’t have to mean you don’t wanna go for more…. there’s a fine line between grateful and complacent…)


2 thoughts on “I don’t know what to say~~

  1. that is why pepatah ada cakap;
    jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan

    bila pandangan dah luas, mulalah otak fikir mcm2 kan. mula compare itu ini..
    anyway just be grateful for what we have ye sis…

    p/s: aku tension sbb dah 2 kali type komen kat sni tup2 ada error pulekkkk..demmm

    1. ya, i agree… i just don’t agree with the teenagers yang kondem macam2 about our country when all they had been only in Malaysia. they been to nowhere but Malaysia and yet they go comparing…

      hmmmm…. it’s sad…. kalau komplen and trying to make good things at the same time, aku okay … like fine… good way of thinking… ini tak.. kondem je tau…. hai…

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