Hmmm lucky….

(This happened on the day I boarded on Korean Air, from Incheon to KL, 14th November 2011)

I got a voucher, from the Airport Limo’s driver, a 10USD  off for inflights shopping. I like! But I didn’t know what to purchase anyway at that time. Nevermind.

Then, I went to check in my luggage. Soon (he’s been appointed by the Ministry to send me off ) was worried that I would be charged for excess luggage. I was 4kgs overweight but lucky me, I wasn’t charged anything. Alhamdulillah!

by the way, this is Soon... looks like he's the one who's gonna fly... hehe... 🙂 nice kid...

Then, after saying bye-bye to Soon, I went to the boarding area. I went to look for Nana’s Starbucks tumblr. Might as well buy one for me because I couldn’t decide what Nana wanted. The city or the country. Korea or Seoul. I bought both. Nana wanted the Korea one. And I got two vouchers for Starbucks coffee. Lucky me again!  I only have about 20 minutes before boarding. Only up for one cup of coffee. So I observed the ones who deserved my voucher. I gave away the voucher to a couple who looked like they were counting  whether to share  a cup or to buy two cups. Luckily, they were all happy when I gave them the voucher. They didn’t ask anything and just accepted it. I like.

So, here’s my Seoul tumblr~

🙂 i love drinking coffee from this.. it's on my desk, everyday

On flight, I bought a perfume…. hehehe. For only 45USD. I got myself a Marc Jacobs Daisy. EDT. 75ml. Cheap I guess. I like.

🙂 I think I am lucky…

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15 thoughts on “Hmmm lucky….

    1. which price? i m not sure about the price of the perfume. but i think it’s a good deal. edt. 75ml. for 45USD it’s about 150RM… I guess that’s reasonable enough… the tumblr is about rm40 something.

    2. maksud ida tumbler tu. yang kl punya RM38 masa ida beli last year. ida mmg suka kumpul tumbler starbucks pun. baru ni miss yg halloween punya T-T

    1. a ah… lupa nak masukkan yang tu. 🙂 haha… belum terima lagi voucher tu… tapi ari tu dah twit pasal tu… hehehehe… tq nolee for reminding me… 😉

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    1. gapo mahal be? perfume ke? aku cek di malaysia RM220… heee… 45USD tu xsampai RM200 pun… so kira murah la…
      kalu mug starbucks tu… memey standardlah…

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