Tukar Laptop! (Yeay and No…Yeay!)

It’s been almost 4 years since… And as I have been some sort of “promoted”, the Management decides to give us officers a new laptop! Yeay!

I remembered when I first worked here more than 6 years ago (6 years!~ now I feel old!) I just used my own laptop. For about 3 years, on and off. I was given a PC in 2006 but since I’ve been using my laptop back then, I didn’t really care about a PC. Heee. Felt easier as all the datas and documents were in my lappy. (Think : big 15inches 2.4kg Acer Sempron~ my exboss said “it’s from Java, eh?” Hahaha funny~)

Anyway… this new lappy…its keyboard is flat and the distance between keys is quite far… I tend to hit Caps Lock when I intended to hit A… Hmmm. And the new Office made it more complicated to get to printing. Few more steps are added. Huuu. It’s been more than a week but I still couldn’t get the hang of it.

Well… maybe sooner I’ll get better with it. Heee.

Okay..  photos..
1. The previous laptop;
2. ICT people…;
3. The new lappy…

That’s all!

Have a great day 😉


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7 thoughts on “Tukar Laptop! (Yeay and No…Yeay!)

    1. itulah… agak berpetak… pastu besar sikit dari yang dulu… tak sexy la macam macbook air… tapi..orang dah bagi amik jelah.. 😛

  1. for keeps ke Chah? mmg bulky :p

    ida pun dah tukar pakai pc kat umah, senang sikit nk godek2 buat kerja opis. laptop yang dibeli masa tahun baru Cina hari tu dah nk pass ke adik pompuan yg bongsu.

  2. aku kena ganti thumbdrive pulak. padan muka aku. sapa suh hilangkan. kira ganti je dah cukup baik kan. nasib baik tak kena tindakan tatatertib hilangkan aset huhu

    1. haha… thumbdrive je. aku kena ganti lock, thumbdrive and mouse. huhu. maybe mencecah seratus lebih….
      I couldn’t remember where did I place them all…

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