I am sitting here, in the chaos of the Immigration Hall, in the middle of people rushing right and left, front and back…
I have heard rumours that this Program Pemutihan will be extended up until March, though the given number will be stopped this midnight.

I knew some employers were given dates of appointments, some of them will be here again in March! I don’t know about this but I am so sure that my boss won’t like this. Me too.

Plus, today we were given a printer.Ā  We were also informed that from now on we will have to start to key in the employees datas by ourselves. I was like, why didn’t they give us this thing earlier? And now today’s the last day, only now it occured to them that given us the authority of keying in the datas will make things easier for them. I was hoping and voicing this matter since the first week. It would be easy for me because I could arrange better interview sessions with employers… I wouldn’t have to be sitting here and waiting for them to key in all the datas until the last stage, after consuming almost half a day, only the employers will be sent to my counter.

Sometimes the emplyers have all the documents complete and sometimes they don’t; and this is such a waste of their time. Worse after spending hours then when at our counter (the last before levi payment), we have to reject their applications due to some misunderstandings.

I know that I am still lucky for my subsector is not as significant if compared to manufacturing, agriculture and construction sectors.Ā  I didn’t have to work that much like the kdn people, and all. But I was thinking for them, I am thinking for a better arrangement and management for this program.


I don’t know. I guess I just wish all would be over soon. If only the government didn’t really give “face” to the private and force them to work as scheduled, things maybe easier for everyone of us.

Good day~



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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