Selamat pagi~


Hi.. and good morning all!

It’s Saturday and it’s the start of a long weekend here. We will be back to work on Wednesday. HMM.

Semalam we had this good session on Transport and Environment with the Japanese. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan had sponsored a seminar for both countries to discuss and share anything on the topic.

I learned so many things from the session. It was so informative and though it’s not so common to say, I guess it’s fun. I especially love the location (second after the knowledge session), the Prince Hotel is just a few steps away from Pavillion.

While having the long lunch break (about 2 and half hours) I had a chance to sit and talk to my senior officer and the respective Professor from Malaysian Institute of Transport. We talked about everything, personal and official working related matters. It’s such an eye opening to be able to talk to someone with more experience and knowledge. We kind of did some planning on what to do, what could be done to improve our (my) work scope, and how to expand the opportunity to promote my unit, along the way to get me more experience and knowledgeable…

I can’t wait to sit properly with them, maybe to discuss more things and maybe turn them into reality.

Ah… that was so exciting!

By the way, last night I watched this movie alone… the Haywire. It’s okay. The heroine was actually a fighting champion, no wonder she’s so great and buff!

Well, I might go back to sleep, it’s still early… I slept at 2 last night. 😦

Though it’d be good to have some breakfast with someone.


All the best! Muah!


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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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