Standing next to the big window, looking out at the green grass. The light of the resting sun shine upon you. Warm. But the cold air of the air conditioner makes it bearable. You feel like you could stand and look at the green grass forever. You just don’t wanna move. Just wanna have that time and think of nothing.

Then the elevator beeps. Argh. What a feeling. You have to get into the elevator.

It’s a feeling that you hate. You are having your own peaceful moment only to be reminded that you are needed elsewhere. Like it or not you have to make a move.

It’s life. You could have it your way but you have to remember that our ways might cross each others’ in future. As much as you don’t want someone else to ruin your way, so do they.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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