I went to Bali few days ago. 🙂 With my girlfriends.

We took the 6.50pm flight and arrived at Ngurai Rai Bandara at 9 something and our supir, Pak Yoga drove us to our hotel in Ubud. (Where Julia Roberts shot Eat Pray Love, in Bali she found love). HEE. We stayed at the beautiful Villa Kertiyasa. It’s such a shame because we only spent one night and one rushing morning at that beautiful place 😦 .

Pak Yoga picked us up to our next destination, to Lovina. On our way there we stopped by at a few tourist attractions to take photos and buy souvenirs. Ubud is a place of art. We went to Monkey Farm~~~ Lots and lots of monkey were there! (Of course). We also went to wood carving gallery, silver (hand made) gallery and art gallery. Everything was so beautiful, but the price was not as beautiful. And for something so artsy, I didn’t have the heart to bargain…

We went to Kintamani, to taste the coffee luwak. I bought ginger tea and vanilla coffee powder. We had tasted some other coffee flavors but I thought those two were so good. My girls bought chocolate coffee, lemon tea and everything. They didn’t really love the gingerly and bitterness of some other coffee. I got to finished few bitter coffee for them.

Then we had lunch at some mountain area. Still in Kintamani. The view was nice but the food was just okay. Still we had our time. I also managed to grab some keychains for officemates at bargain price. I knew that I could get them at cheaper price but that auntie was so sad looking and I couldn’t bring myself to bargain anymore. We passed through few other tourist spot and we managed to check in at Aneka Lovina at 5.30pm. Another beautiful place~ HUHU. We checked in then Pak Yoga took us for dinner at a restaurant near the beach to view the sunset. We went back to Aneka early because we had to wake up at 5.30 am the next day~ We were going to see dolphins!!

We woke up and were all ready by 5.30 am. Only the boat moved at 6.00 am. We could have some more sleep time actually!

We got to see dolphins~

They said that we were lucky  because not all trips were back happy. We were back at the hotel at 8 then at 9.30 am we were all ready to go the next area, that’s KUTA!!! It took us almost 12 hours from Lovina to Kuta, yeah, including the short one hour stop at Hot Spring, shopping trips to Sukawati and a few batik houses, lunch, dinner, and massages etc. We had fun.

After checking in at Alam Kulkul, we walked to Hard Rock Bali and Starbucks… to find some expensive souvenirs for ourselves! EHEHE.. Love!

We checked out early again (of the another beautiful hotel 😦 ) to the next destination, we went to Tanah Lot (some more souvenirs shopping), Padang-Padang Beach (surfer dudes alert~), and a Temple (can’t remember the name) to see monkeys (but the monkeys didn’t come out as it was so hot- Pak Yoga said). After that we went to have dinner at Jimbaran to watch sunset!~~

After that, it’s time for us to be heading to the airport. Pak Yoga had his next assignment waiting at the next arrived flight. He dropped us, we said our goodbyes and repacked our bags and refreshed ourselves, bought, wrote and sent postcards to ourselves.

Our flight took off at 10.10 pm and we safely arrived at LCCT at 1.10 am… 😉


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

6 thoughts on “Baaaliiii~~~”

    1. no such photos la dear…
      that dolphins were a bit wild… they run when people got near…
      and we were in the boat… not floating in the sea…

    1. oh. tq. now a bit busy plus I didn’t really use my camera when in bali… so most of the photos were uploaded by my friends… which even I pun tak sempat tengok lagi…

      perhaps you could hop to my other blog (see side bar).. i put few photos there. sorry. maybe in time i will try to put an entry with lots of photos…

  1. alah..tak jinak rupanya dolphins tu yer….patutla tak bole dekat2 amik gmbr u olss….hmmmmmmm i thot u went to Bali for official matters!!

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