Cameron Highland ;)

I spent last weekend with colleagues from my division, in Cameron Highland.🙂 One of the coldest (and highlands) place in Malaysia. It is situated in Pahang, with the entrance could be from Perak (North) or Kelantan (East).

Last time I was there, in 2008 with wordpressers, Kak Nana, Ayumi, Buzzy and Tata😉 Owh. Miss them so much. We still keep in touch though not as close as before, due to our changed commitments and priorities.  This trip remarked my third time there, the first one was with my family circa 2005. I even dreamed about my parents on the second night😛 (Miss them too… )

Okay, we were there to discuss a lot of things in regards to the development of our division. We progressed a lot since the day we were established. (2009). Our workloads had increased, with the introduction of various new initiatives, NKEA and NKRA to name a few. Not to mention that we were focal points to a lot of development plan led by other ministries, such as the economic corridors, IMP3…

I believed we had achieved our objectives so that our boss let us finished earlier to spend Saturday afternoon (after 4.30 pm) to go for sight seeing and shopping. Yeay!🙂

We went to Bharat Tea Plantation and Brinchang Market, had some tea and scones (and some cakes and shortbread) yummy, took photos etc, some vegetables and strawberries and corn shopping…😀. We had our bbq dinner that night at the hotel. Oh, btw we stayed at Heritage Hotel. Nice place. Could be nicer if they improved their services.😦

We checked out yesterday, at 9.30 am and headed down with few stops for more shopping and sight seeing. We finally reached Putrajaya at 5.00 pm.  :)

Here are some photos.

with the staffs at Bharat Tea🙂
cactus🙂 RM2/pot
purple chilli.. RM5/pot
colourful cactus🙂 nice...


sunrise from my balcony... level 6, new wing😉 nice!




strawberry cheesecake (biasa2) and ginger oat crunch (nice)...


Photos are from my phone, 5.0 MP… so please excuse the quality.😉



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