Faiv Esss

Huhu. You know my room/office is the most berkubae. Most havoc with lots of files, papers, stationeries, etc.  It was in the Thursday meeting that the chief asked me if I could clear my room/office by next Friday.

Okay, I said. I was out of office for the most of March so there were some decisions made out of my knowledge. Arg. What a sentence. Well, I have finally cleared my office! Though there are still some photos and magnets I would like to tidy up after this. 😉

For now, I love my room! Though I don’t really know how to work without the mess of letters/official documents on my desk. HEEE.

Here are some photos I took this morning. HEEE.

yeah, used to be active in sports 😛
see the cups and whatnots...
photos with friends 🙂
more souvenirs 🙂
this one will be managed soon! 🙂

Okay, now back to work!

Tomorrow, meeting in KL then on Wednesday, I have a seminar on Human Trafficking all day!

All the best to us all!


p.s : My assistant is back from 6 months course~~~~ yeay~


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