You know, when things are supposed to be over… but you couldn’t bring yourself to stop~

Good things are that.
Bad things too, unfortunately.
I have been in this situation for I don’t know how many times already. I lost count.

It’s sad to feel that way. 😦
When you know you are wrong and you know things are all on yourself. You are the one who started things, you should be the one who end it.

Saying things are easy. It’s the doing that are usually got us (me) stuck.
Suddenly you think that life is not being fair to you. When deep down you know, you are the one who keep messing things in your head.

Anyway, there are a lot of things that I want to say, but I couldn’t.

Actually I could but I don’t think I have the capability to handle the consequences, even at most times, that were the best for me, and for everyone, though not at that time.

It’s stupid.
And sad.
And hurting.

You smile and you act like nothing happens.
When deep inside you are at war with yourself.

You usually hold on to the wrong person.
But of course you don’t think your act is not right.


Could I handle it?