Merisik… (bagi pihak)


Minggu lepas, I cuti dua hari selepas cuti umum Pertabalan YDPA baru. Balik kampung, dan pada hari Jumaat ma decided to go visit and meet Angah’s (my brother) girlfriend’s family. Rumah budak tu di Dungun, and pa’s driving my car.

Angah is now currently working with Felcra in Setiu.  Previously he was posted in Dungun, where he met that girl, Siti Nur. Siti Nur works as a KAFA teacher in a nearby school. InsyaAllah she will become my adik ipar. Hopefully lah, after all susah payah ma and pa and me went to meet her family kan.

Anyway, this is my first time doing merisik thing. Actually I was not really involved in that so called discussion because I was busy loving the sight in front of Siti Nur’s home. There’s a beach!!! Few steps from her house! I spent some time taking pictures of that beach, more than the time I spent sitting in their house. Pffft.

I think the engagement ceremony will be done in May. Maybe. This is the second (insyaAllah) engagement in my family. Last March, my 4th brother (Abe) got engaged to his girlfriend, Miela whom we had known since last 5 years. Abe just got his permanent (hopefully) job and decided that it’s best to get things done now. After all they had been in relationship for more than 5 years. Abe is 26 while Angah is 29.


I hope everything will go on smoothly and as planned.


8 thoughts on “Merisik… (bagi pihak)

  1. tak sangka adik awak sume dah besar2..rase cm little boy lagi..tup2 dah tunang dan nak kawen..err ke saya yang tak sedar dah berusia..haha

    1. hehehe 😉
      dah besar2 dan menua da semua nya arin, including us… but that’s just physical…

      as long as we are young at heart, age doesn’t matter… as long as we know the differences between the good and the bad… 🙂 we are okay

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