What’s on my mind…

I was sick, literally last week. I went to Tawakkal twice, but none of the visits was for me. I visited a friend, she lost her baby there, and then few days apart, another friend had operation regarding her broken leg there. I wish all of them fast recovery, physical and emotionally.

Okay, I am still actually sick right now. I am down with fever. I guess the more I strengthen myself, the lamer I become. I tried so hard to push myself to work against the sick feeling, I drove here and there but I couldn’t get any better. This time around I didn’t see any doctor. Tired of waiting.

I have been to numerous meeting and this week will be a week full of meeting. Start today indeed.

Anyway, I’ve heard some not very good news or whatever rumours about a family member which is kind of messing up my mind right now. One thing I don’t understand about the news breaker/this particular person she went to find someone who is not yet a family to talk bad things about my siblings, instead of telling anything to our faces she went to say things to an outsider. I am sorry for that outsider had to be the one who received the bad news first. I guessed that outsider bore a lot of pain already with various rumours and news about our family. It’s like we are Kardashian and this outsider is Avril Lavigne, you got what I am saying?

Ya Allah, I hope only for the good things though I know I tried not to ask more than I could give. But I believe in You and your love.

I’ve heard lots of good news too about some friends, guess that was why I was down with fever. HEE. Only I understand.


All the best to us all.


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