Sunday ;)

my brother, me and miela
Jurman and his first nasi kerabu 🙂

Spent Sunday with great people!

I woke up early to have famous nasi lemak from Kampung Baru with brother and his fiancée. 🙂 InsyaAllah.

Then rushed to airport to pick up my Indonesian colleague who was on transit from HCMC to Jakarta. 🙂 We had like 4 hours before his next check in. I guessed yesterday was the longest time I took to KLIA. HAHA. I was speeding most of the time anyway. Pfft.

I took Jurman to KLCC. Where else. He found something in Uniqlo. Which was good. At least he had something to take home. Then I wanted to take him for lunch at Little Penang but the queue was long… so we resorted for RASA food court which was a better choice since there were more choices for food. 🙂 I talked Jurman into trying Nasi Kerabu, from Kelantan’s stall. He liked it! Oh, I think he loved it. It’s good that I already briefed him about my hometown and he had known few things himself, after all he’s from Indonesian Wisma Putra. HEH.

Oh, anyway I had to part with my old phone because somehow yesterday morning it didn’t want to be recharged. As soon I finished purchasing the new phone, it went dead and any effort made to rescue it was useless. 😦 I wasn’t planning on buying any new phone, but that purchase had to be made anyway, with no further research or anything. 😦 I hope this new phone will serve me better.

The seller said that it just reached Malaysia market on 30th April. Yeay. The same time it reached UK. (I googled.) (Google is now a verb? HAHA).

This is my new phone. Hmmm. It doesn’t have much difference physically, it’s one of Samsung Galaxy series.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance

Okay lah, have a good start for a new week! It’s MAY! (already!!!!)


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

7 thoughts on “Sunday ;)”

  1. galaxy note macam jadi pilihan ramai sekarang ni. tapi ida dah jatuh suka pada Blackberry. convenient. plak tu PSU-PSU ida pakat pakai Blackberry, lagi la mudah wat BBM je pepehal..

    apapun percaya tak handphone adalah makhluk tak bernyawa yang paling sensitif? baru je terdetik, terus kong tak nak on on lagi dah.. kan?

    1. i beli galaxy advance… note macam mahal la…

      i takde la plan nak tukar phone dalam masa terdekat but… terpaksa.. huhu

  2. Android lover, Instagram Aisyah, addict oo..:) Siyes semua galaxy S terbaik, best surf screen besar. Nanti rasanya boleh update ke ICS. Sekarang lagging lagi. Bug.

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