Of Last Week

It has been almost a good two weeks since I last wrote something here.  For sure lots of things had happen. More of work related stuffs actually, I have been running here and there. Chasing from a meeting to another. Well, that’s my life and I think I like it. Though there were times that I felt too tired to go on…

It started since early May when the industry players chose to hold a picket in Port Klang. That’s when I started to run here and there. I From Port Klang to the office, then to another ministry to discuss on the same issue.

First week of May I was involved with the ASEAN meeting which was held in KL. The meeting was a long two and half days affair, plus a study visit to BTS in Bandar Tasik. It was a chance to meet colleagues from AMS. I particularly delightful to see familiar faces from Thailand, Laos, Philippines and Cambodia. They are the ones that involve in my other meeting under the economic issue.  I also made new friends, especially from Indonesia. They were cute! 🙂

I had chance to spend one night at my mum’s. I was supposed to attend a meeting in Kota Bharu last week. That’s one of a last minute call. Luckily boss understood me and just let me go. I decided to purchase the air tickets on my own because it’s too late to apply for warrant. I also assisted by AT when her mum let me used her car to move on the ground when I was in Kelantan last week. 🙂  It was good to see my family, even it’s just for a few hours, because I arrived home at 1.00 am and all brothers were sleeping and they had to go to school in the morning.  The meeting that I had to attend was an emotional one. I guess the issue was too critical and it was such a shame that at the final point like that, then they thought to call us for meeting. I guess the issue was not solved yet by now. (It’s supposed to be done by Saturday). However, since it’s a technical issue, I let the respective department to manage it. I hope it could be solved this week.

Then I was summoned to attend another meeting on bilateral roundtable session. This one was kind of mess because they (the other ministry) wanted to have some seniors from our office to take part in this discussion. However, since the date was already booked for a senior officials meeting which is held in Indonesia, and most our seniors and bosses are now in Bandung. I had to prepare some write ups and points on given issues, and since the pre-discussion was held last Thursday, I had so little time to do things due to me running to another meeting after another… it’s yesterday that I came out with the needed points. We had another pre-discussion and I was glad to know that they (the secretariat/the other ministry) had called various parties to talk on various issues, including my issue. I don’t think I won’t be saying anything much during the roundtable session, which will happen tomorrow in KL.

Today I was supposed to attend a signing ceremony but I decided not to go. I was too tired I think.

Oh, I was in Shah Alam on Saturday, for my sister’s convocation. That’s a simple affair, only my sis and I. My parent couldn’t make it but I had good time with my other siblings and cousins at my uncles after that. We watched football together. (Though I fell asleep during the winning goal) After all, it’s our proud team who won! I am so proud.

On Sunday, I spent at my uncle’s and had great time shopping with my siblings and cousins. 😉

After all, life is blessed. I couldn’t ask for more.

Thank you Allah, alhamdulillah.

Welcoming Rajab, I wish to fast as many days as I could.

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