Dark Shadows

Perasaan cinta dan obsesi ingin memiliki seseorang yang terlalu kuat memang menakutkan.

If I could put it, all the curses in this movie started with that feeling. Obsession. Dark Shadows.

Barnabas Collins‘s family was cursed just because a girl (a bad one) couldn’t have him.

The curse lasted for few centuries. So damn, right? But anyway, despite a little scary scenes, the movie still packed with funny, witty and deep dialogues.

It was a good movie, at least for me. Ah, it’s Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. But, Helena Bonham just looked good in this movie. The make up were all nicely put. All the actors were nicely dressed. Smart, beautiful, easy on eyes, without any heavy accessories.  I particularly love the sleeping robe worn by Victoria Winters (played by Bella Heathcote). Actually all the clothes she’s in.

Here’s some images I got from Uncle Google 🙂

Barnabas, David, Dr. Hoffman, Josette, Angelique, Carolyn, Elizabeth, Willie and Roger

Dark Shadows was a series aired on ABC from 1966 t0 1968… 🙂 I just knew it.

Victoria Winters
Victoria Winters again. Love the dress 🙂

Was hoping to put more photos but the network wouldn’t give a great cooperation.

Till next time! Tata!



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