Instagram Love!


I’ve said to my exhousemate that I dont wanna start Insta because I know I would be addicted and hooked to it. I am sure right about myself! Luckily insta is for photosharing! I had few people saying that I wanted every photo to be shared on FB! I know it’s my FB so let me do what I want but sometimes somebody’s words were damaging enough. So now I could post any photo I want! Yeay!






  1. Skies near Satok where I had mee kolok.
  2. Kuching Waterfront.
  3. Me and my ice latte.
  4. Old Kuching Sentral Police Station still in use.
  5. My hand (and only) luggages.
  6. Air Control Tower at Kuching International Airport.


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err… I checked my blog stat just now. Surprised! Surprised! It’s been hit for more than 100++ last two days~ by the way I’ve found this post that I thought was sweet… click here… 🙂


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