Pagi tadi on my way to office I dengar berita radio.

“Negara tak akan capai status negara maju seperti dalam wawasan 2020 sekiranya pembangkang memerintah”

More or less it sounded like that.

I bukanlah orang pembangkang atau apa. I penjawat awam yang concern dengan rakyat.

You ingat rakyat will fall for this punchline ke? They will despise it you know. I don’t know who is the editor of that radio news. Whoever she/he is this line shouldn’t be aired at all.

Oh, maybe it was the politician’s publicist who originally came out with this line. So bad.

By the way, at the traffic light, I saw an email from my boss asking me to postpone my flight because of a training. That was one thing that I didn’t like.

The email was copied to me, so I guess the one that received the email should come and talk to me. I already had another (meeting) commitment on that day and I told them that I couldn’t come at that time because I have flight to catch. Then, suddenly I had to attend a training.  Now I feel so serabut/messy whatever.

On other note,

I watched the game last night and I was rooting for Azzurri. Never mind they lost but I really thought they could play better.  I almost believed that they (the players) were bought until I saw Pirlo was all teary. Uncle Pirlo, I knew it, you’ve seen better days but, Espana did such a good job, right….


I guess I had to get back to work. I’ve left the office for almost 4 days.

Have a great Monday, I guess.



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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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