my birthday cake… 🙂 bought it at a Cafe in Hotel Tanahmas, Sibu

Here is my birthday cake!

I had to go on a job assignment on my birthday! I was so sad, having to be apart from my friends, and most of all, I have planned a trip home until I had to change it, because my flight took off on Sunday. 😦

I was sad again, I arrived at Sibu airport, on a rainy evening, everything was so gloomy. The people at the airport weren’t really friendly. I despise cold people, especially those front liners, I was expecting at least a smile… Instead everyone seemed too moody to smile. 😦

Anyway, I still enjoy the feeling of getting to know new places.  Alhamdulillah.

I slept late, waiting to see who would be the first to wish me birthday. Ahh… I am childish like that. I still love birthday wishes. I can’t help it.

Thanks to all friends who have wished me. I really appreciate them.

Then, I had this seminar on anti-human trafficking. It was kind of a bit boring, because I thought the information circulated were quite the same, yeah considering I had been to at least two similar seminars. But I still appreciate the knowledge, and I was seated next to a nice lady, from Sibu. She talked a lot and we kind of laughed at the same thing, in a nice way so we just had fun. Until she had to leave during lunch and I found myself laughing alone to those joke that sometimes, it was only me who thought the speech was a joke. 😛

Anyway, the afternoon session went better than the morning because it was presented in a forum way, where anyone could ask questions, or even share their experience and everything. I really loved it.

Until one speaker stole my heart… I think I fell in love with him? I really liked when I first saw him. He looked so handsome in his uniform. Damn!

He was the last speaker on that day. He went around the hall while delivering his speech, I guessed he wanted to prevent people from getting sleepy. Heh.

He ended his talk with his handphone number on the last slide. Who did that? HAHA.












Guess what?

I texted him and asked him to have cake with me.






He said ok and even paid for my cake and wished me birthday.

I really like him, I think.

I think that was the best memory of my birthday.

I am smiling right now. We are still keeping in touch, and I hope we will always do that.





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